Gideon’s backlash (a.k.a. Darwin’s revenge)


Here’s a great idea:

I was staying in a hotel in New York earlier this year, and I noticed that as well as the usual Gideon’s bible, there was also a copy of the Quran. So that got me thinking – why limit the principle to religious books, why not get some science in there too?

So, I’ve decided that from now on, whenever I stay in a hotel room, I’m going to leave behind a copy of … The Origin of Species…

And now … I’d like to call on everyone who reads this to do the same thing – next time you stay in a hotel, leave behind a copy of this seminal work. After all – what’s the cost of one book compared to a night in a hotel room – and compared to the good work you’ll be doing in spreading the word of Darwin 🙂

Too bad there’s not a Gideon-like organization to take up the challenge. Still, every little bit helps.