What a wonderful gift for Christmas

This one’s too good for me to ignore even on vacation. It’s the perfect gift for the skeptical.

Remember the Friday Dose of Woo in which I had a little fun with the whole concept of trepanning (drilling a hole in your head to “improve blood flow”)? Well guess what?

The trepanation guy (Randall W. Haws) has shown up right here in the comments of that post. And he thinks that I (and those of you who chimed in) are truly, truly misguided, not to mention hypocrites. He’s also pointing out how he is “free” and we’re all still “imprisoned.”

I can’t think of a better blog Christmas present. Well, OK, winning the 2006 Weblog Award for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog was better, but this is getting close. It’s certainly worth a mention even while on vacation on Christmas Eve!