Vacation’s end

Sadly, for many, today marks the end of their vacation (or at least of their long weekend). Fortunately, I was smart enough (as well as able) to take one last precious day off tomorrow to head into the city and check out an exhibit at the Met that my wife and I want to see.

As I prepared to take a week and a half off just before Christmas, I had been concerned that I had not heard anything from my intrepid blog mascot (no, not the Hitler Zombie). Would 2007 be a year without him?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “No!” He’s back, and badder than ever. In fact, you might even say he’s the Big Man On Campus (just how much so you’ll see in future installments):

i-8c9f28b5bd4f551bb0fed9f3ddde653d-EneMan 2007.jpg

And, yes, he’s getting seriously back to work while I take one last gasp of vacation:

i-5518c060cfd27ed761bf3db83f5c5895-EneMan 200701.jpg

You know, I have an opening for a technician in my lab right now. I might have to hire this guy.

In the meantime, I have a couple of posts that will be appearing later today. Enjoy, and I’ll check on comments when I get home this evening. Then I’ll sit back and dread going back to work Wednesday morning. I know there’s lots of crap waiting for my attention.

Oh, wait a minute. I should never use fecal-related slang around EneMan. He’s so sensitive about it. Sorry.