Remind me never to get on Brian Deer’s bad side

Before I move on to other topics, I can’t resist one last comment about the corrupt and sleazy Andrew Wakefield, the man who, with the help of heaping piles of cash from lawyers, almost singlehandedly produced a scare over the possibility that the MMR vaccine causes autism so large that vaccination rates in the U.K. fell precipitously, leading to massive misery due to a resurgence of the diseases prevented by the MMR vaccine and at least one death. Brian Deer, as you may know, is the journalist who exposed the disgusting underbelly of Wakefield’s activities and who also broke the story of just how much money Wakefield and his cronies had accepted from lawyers beginning before his 1998 journal article that caused the MMR scare was ever published.

Now, Brian Deer asks the question about Jackie Fletcher, the woman who runs JABS, the anti-MMR group from the northwest of England: Did she know about the dough?

A very good question, don’t you think? Anyone want to guess what the answer probably is?

The most amusing part of Deer’s article is his takedown of anti-mercury crusader Erik Nanstiel. Remind me never to get on Brian Deer’s bad side. Deer could teach Orac a thing or two about insolence.