Hit me! Hit me hard!

My dear mother pointed out the other day that my Sitemeter is rapidly approaching the 1,000,000 visits mark.

And so it is. I had noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was getting close to the zone, but it crept up on me faster than I had expected. With your help, I should be there in week or so. With a little judicious link love, I could be there even sooner.

That would leave one question. As Mr. Sun put it:

Once a blog reaches one million “page views,” the blogger is placed in a sealed room with another popular blogger of the opposite ideology. There, in “Intelligent Blogging Apparel,” they work in juxtaposition to concurrently filter the day’s news through their own viewpoint.


Neither blogger is allowed to leave the room until one uses the righteousness of his reasoning to cause the other’s head to explode like in the movie Scanners.

So who would my death match opponent be? Remember, it has to be someone who has also achieved 1,000,000 visits. Dr. Mercola, perhaps? No, he’s not really a blogger. Neither is Whale.to or any number of other altie sites, and the altie blogs I’m aware of probably haven’t hit a million visits yet.

But who?