The Skeptics’ Circle

The 52nd Edition of the Skeptics’ Circle has been posted at Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist. It’s a little late in coming (and I’m a little late in announcing it), but as usual another host has come through with a fine collection of skeptical blogging. So go pay him a visit. It also marks the end of the second full year of the Skeptics’ Circle. Unbelievable. We’re entering our third year, and it just keeps getting better.

Next up is Slicing with Occam’s Razor (another great blog title), who will be hosting two weeks hence on February 1. So be sure to supply him with the blogging material he needs to start the third year off right.

Finally, if you’re interested in hosting the Circle, drop me a line at [email protected] The schedule is here, and the guidelines are here.