Dedicated to Dr. Cook

Things have gotten a little heated around here, with an ID adherent named Dr. Cook taking umbrage at my expression of embarrassment for my profession over his having shown up over at Uncommon Descent and flaunting his excellent (albeit irrelevant to the discussion of evolution) credentials as he proudly told the assembled William Dembski sycophants there of his post-Darwinist “conversion story.”

This song is dedicated to Dr. Cook, for reasons that I think should be obvious:

Actually, this is one of my absolute favorite David Bowie songs. It was great with Queen, but this version is really good, too. Gail Ann Dorsey is a fantastic bass player and her voice meshes quite well with Bowie’s. I had the pleasure of seeing them do this song live at Madison Square Garden during the Reality Tour back in December 2003.

Which reminds me: Dammit, David, when are you going to get back into the studio and make a new album? Come on, 2007 has to be the year!