I demand the sum of…..one MILLION visits! Muhahahahahaha!

Sometime while I was in clinic this morning, Respectful Insolence recorded its 1,000,000 visitor:

i-20a7ca4a38ae9ce094ceab69242a4360-One million2.jpg

Hmmm. Durham, North Carolina, eh? Could it be that Bora or Abel put me over the top? Come on, boys, ‘fess up! Were either of you taking in your daily dose of Respectful Insolence™ around 8:52 AM EST?

In any case, it took 2 years, 1 month, an 11 days to reach 1,000,000 visits. Thanks to all my readers. When I first started this whole thing, I never expected to get anywhere near 1,000,000.

Now let’s get cracking on 2,000,000.