Laying the cluestick on DaveScot over dichloroacetate (DCA) and cancer

I know, I know, I said last time that I probably wouldn’t post on dichloroacetate and the hype some of the more credulous parts of the blogosphere are falling for over its being supposedly a “cancer cure” that big pharma is either willfully ignoring or actively suppressing. However, when DaveScot and the sycophants on Uncommon Descent join in with the “cure for cancer” hype and conspiracy-mongering (with apparently only one voice of reason trying to counter DaveScot‘s cluelessness), it’s really, really hard for me to resist the urge to introduce the mutual admiration society over at UD to a heapin’ helpin’ of Orac’s cluestick, too.

DaveScot, meet cluestick. Cluestick, meet DaveScot.

It’s truly amusing to watch DaveScot dig himself into a deeper and deeper hole in the comments. Sadly, I suspect that the lone voice of reason is about to get banned (quoth Dave: “I ban people for making me do research they should be doing for themselves. Consider yourself warned”), as is the practice at Uncommon Descent when someone provides too many facts and too much actual science for DaveScot to handle.

There, now. I feel better again, even though it’s likely that DaveScot, like Dean Esmay, will remain, as always, utterly immune to the tender ministrations of the cluestick.

It just goes to show, though: A lack of critical thinking in one area (in this case, “intelligent design” creationism) is often associated with a lack of critical thinking in other areas. The sycophants, toadies, and lackeys over at UD are Exhibit A supporting this assertion.

ADDENDUM: Walnut has posted his critique on Daily Kos as well.

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