I thought I was safe here on ScienceBlogs

Apparently I’m not safe, even here. I thought I could escape him.

Who am I talking about?

Richard Simmons, that’s who, and he’s shown up on ScienceBlogs on the mothership’s official blog.

I’m having acid flashbacks.

You see, there was a time, back in 1997 or 1998, when I briefly met Richard Simmons. It was at BookExpo America, back when I was living in Chicago. Richard Simmons was pushing some cookbook or other of healthy recipes, as I recall, and, just for yucks, my wife and I decided to get in the line for a signing.

Well, Richard seemed to like me, and said I “looked very smart.” When he found out I was a doctor, he said he was going to medical school. (Oddly enough, I see nothing on his official website mentioning that he had finished.)

As we were heading away from the line, my wife commented to me, “You know, I think he really liked you.”

I thought I had, after 9 or 10 years, finally recovered from the experience, and then Sarah had to go and plaster his visage on ScienceBlogs.

The pain…