One year as a ScienceBlogger…

One year ago today, Orac was assimilated–I mean welcomed–into the ScienceBlogs collective. it’s been a wild ride, a fantastic opportunity to reach more readers than I ever did on my old Blogspot blog. (My traffic has roughly doubled since I joined up.) I didn’t show up with the first crop of ScienceBloggers mainly because of my hesitation due to my concern about getting permission for “outside employment” from my University. Fortunately, I overcame that, and the rest is history.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my readers for reading and the Seed Media Group for liking what I was laying down enough to invite me to join. Here’s to another year of Orac’s brand of Respectful Insolence™.

One thing that occurs to me though. My banner seems, well, plain and not particularly attractive compared to those of many of my fellow ScienceBloggers. I’m considering a major redesign and am open to suggestions.