Science merit badges for Orac!

This one’s been floating around the science blogosphere for about a week or two now. I tried to resist its pull, but finally I have given in and decided that, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, baby!

In any case, I’m talking about a bunch of merit badges for scientists (a.k.a. “The Order of Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique,” although I may not qualify for that latter part.

And which ones did I earn? Well, take a look (click on the badges to see what each one signifies):

i-be6e6215ae5bb1ba7d3c9cb77009888e-01talk.jpg i-bd613b7dabc385ed01821cbccddbe70e-06blog.jpg i-def23097696b17edb222e8abe1d73e67-08openflame.jpg i-26961b98c0d6fbdc393e6412a91efce6-10quackery.jpg
i-4534db3fd83a1b36edb353e1d83ea28d-16prick.jpg i-960150bed0668f57e5eecdfb8ebdf329-17organs.jpg
i-e3a13141f4084af236a8d93256e20d56-19ice1.jpg i-fdca997c52829789ca0d80285ad2e51f-20ice2.jpg i-8ed67ca7fea5a30a204faeb5d9d404eb-21ice3.jpg
i-947bf3da576d47eb68100f7ed7cfb6e3-22radioactivity.jpg i-f504db5f0bde37e4ca4e69388107d0f8-36cloner.jpg i-70effb9ae615bfe53b9a898913ea7121-31useless.jpg i-9697afe03b165ab93f2b1c3fc4bfd84b-30worship.jpg

(Sadly, I’m not likely ever to duplicate that last one.)

And, finally, the one that you all know that Orac must have:


So, dear readers, tell me which, if any, of the badges you’ve earned!

ADDENDUM: New badges have been added, and, wouldn’ you know it, I’m eligible for a couple of more:


Don’t ask. It involved a lab accident that happened while I was working alone in the lab on a Sunday morning back in 1998.

Here’s one more:


All I can say is that it involved rats and an ill-fated project that sought to deliver gene therapy by enema. Maybe it’s the origin of my unhealthy fascination with EneMan.