Ben Goldacre takes on Mark and David Geier

Somehow, in all the blogging about dichloroacetate earlier this week, I somehow missed a mention of a truly annoying thing that the editors of Lancet Neurology did. In essence, they allowed ethically challenged mercury warrior Mark Geier a forum to review Richard Lathe’s book Autism, Brain, and Environment.

Egads! How desperate wer the editors of Lancet Neurology for reviewers, that they’d let the biggest mercury-autism crank of all sully its pages with a dubious review of a rather fringe book?

Fortunately, Ben Goldacre‘s on the case. Money quote:

As I say, I’m not hostile to people like Geier having a voice. And the idea that there might be a biological cause, or treatment, for autism is a seductive and interesting one. All I ask is that when you take someone as far out as Geier, and bung him in an academic journal reviewing a slightly maverick book, you owe your readers a tiny bit of a warning.

Indeed. Anything written by Mark Geier about autism, mercury, chelation therapy, or hormonal blockade as a “treatment” for autism should come with a disclaimer and warning.