Getting to the bottom of reflexology

Reflexology, as you may know, is the pseudoscientific “alternative medicine” modality whose central dogma is that each body part or organ maps to a certain place on the feet or hands and that by pressing on those locations on the feet (for example), the reflexologist can have a therapeutic effect. The question, however, is: Why the feet? I mean, why not other parts of the body? For example, there’s a part of the body that’s larger than the feet, and mapping different parts of the body to it makes just as much sense as mapping them to the feet. I’m referring to butt reflexology (warning: mildly not safe for work):


I think the above diagram makes as much sense as any reflexology chart, don’t you?

(For a fuller explanation, click on the picture.)

As the discoverer of the power of butt reflexology puts it: “The end justifies the means.”