Nighttime, March 15, 2007, Washington, DC

In case you wondered, yes, ScienceBlogs is just a big cabal, and, as evidence, I present the following photo from a week and a half ago, when I managed to meet, drink, and conspire to take over the science blogosphere at the Toledo Lounge in Washington, D.C. with Tara Smith of Aetiology, Evil Monkey of Neurotopia, and Chris Mooney of The Intersection. The locale was appropriate enough, given Tara’s and my Toledo connection, and a good time was had by all.


Does Orac normally look like that? Well, remember, around this time, Dr. Egnor was at the height of his foray into making still more ignorant statements about evolution, driving me to hide my face in shame for my profession once again. Instead of a Doctor Doom mask, as I once suggested that I might have to get, I decided on a more appropriate method of hiding my shame.

It is rather difficult to drink beer this way, though.

By the way, my challenge to Dr. Egnor to tell us how the design inference of “intelligent design” has been “of great value” to medicine and has been a great boon to medical research is now in day 9, with no sign of him answering the question. Instead, he’s just repeating yet again his usual parroting of the distortion and simplification of history in which he claims that Darwin was responsible for eugenics. It looks as though I’ll need the Orac get-up a while longer.

And, yes, this is just another way of reminding everyone of Dr. Egnor’s mendacity.