Dr. Egnor continues his April Fool’s shenanigans?

Now that it’s been admitted that the apparent Discovery Institute prank, in which Dr. Michael Egnor posed as a parody of the most ignorant creationists there are, spouting truly inane and long-debunked canards about evolution for a month and a half, all in an effort to snooker us evil Darwinists into attacking him and then gloat as he revealed to the world that it was all just a joke, has been revealed to be in reality a Panda’s Thumb April Fool’s Day prank, I have to admit that it’s depressing to have to contemplate again the fact that Dr. Egnor actually believes all the pseudoscientific and antiscientific (not to mention downright false and ignorant) attacks that he’s been launching on evolution. I hate to have to admit that a fellow surgeon can be so blinded by his religion and ideology that he would actually state with a straight face that evolution is not important to the understanding of how bacterial resistance to antibiotics arises.

However, I still hold out hope that Dr. Egnor is joking. I mean, look at what he posted to the Discovery Institute whine sheet yesterday, on April Fool’s Day itself:

I’ve often thought: what if Darwinism were true? I don’t mean all of the philosophical materialism that Darwinists drag along with the science. Materialism is nonsense, because if matter and energy are all that exist, then truth doesn’t exist (it’s neither matter nor energy). If truth doesn’t exist, then materialism can’t be true.

“If matter and energy are all that exist, then truth doesn’t exist”? Posted on April Fool’s Day? Come on That’s comic gold! It could have come straight out of The Onion. Are we really so sure that Dr. Egnor hasn’t been pulling our legs all along?