Never fear, The Skeptics’ Circle is almost here!

Time flies once again, and, seemingly so soon after the last successful Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, the next one is fast approaching. This time around, it’s going to be hosted at Geek Counterpoint. So get your entries to Lorne by Wednesday, and then join us for yet another entertaining edition of every skeptic’s favorite blog carnival. At least I hope it’s every skeptic’s favorite blog carnival; if it’s not, believe me, we’re working on it.

As is my wont, I’m also pointing out that we’re always looking for hosts. If you’ve hosted before and think you might want ot host again or if you’ve never hosted before and think you have what it takes, check out the Skeptics’ Circle schedule and guidelines and the guidelines for hosting, and then drop me a line at [email protected] I’ll check out your blog to make sure you’re the real deal as far as skepticism goes (it just wouldn’t do to have a creduloid manage to sneak in as a host to subvert the Circle, you know; imagine the havoc it could cause) and then contact you to get you on the schedule.