Chimps Sharpen, Use Spears to Hunt

In February of this year Jill Pruetz, an anthropologist with Iowa State University, witnessed Kenyan chimpanzees break off branches from trees, sharpen them using their teeth, and then use these spears to hunt lesser bush babies, a kind of small primate. The bush babies sleep in the hollows of trees, and the chimps were repeatedly seen jabbing their spears into the hollows and pulling them back out with fresh bush baby babies impaled on the end.

A chimpanzee, seen here, finishing up his degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix Online.

Pruetz recorded a video of the chimps using the tools.

The world’s most prominent scientists used to believe that the use of tools was an exclusively human trait. Man, were they way off. In the past two decades, numerous animals been witnessed using tools from their surroundings to aid in finding prey, making nests, and various other purposes.

Bush babies taste best kabobbed with some mushrooms, red peppers and pineapples.