A dictionary for the 9/11 “truth” movement


Although it’s apparently been making the rounds over the Internet, I had never seen this list before until Andrew over at Flavor Country posted A Dictionary for the 9/11 “Truth” Movement, which, if you’ve ever read the comment thread (223 comments!) after my one major foray into discussing the true idiocy that is the 9/11 “Truth” Movement, you will immediately realize to be pretty darned close to the truth.

A few key examples:

Alternative theory: Something so wacky that even Twoofers don’t give it much credence (e. g. holographic planes, pods).

Brainwashing: non-conspiratorial thinking, thought processes which involve documented information and scientific data.

This one applies to pretty much any crank, particularly Holocaust deniers.

Disasterbate – Convincing oneself that a major event is actually a government conspiracy. Usually involves ignoring evidence, quote mining, and watching internet conspiracy movies.
“After he heard about the explosion, he couldn’t wait to get home and disasterbate.

Mutual Disasterbation – When one conspiracy theorist uses another conspiracy theorist to validate his own crazy speculations.”The Loose Change forums are a den of mutual disasterbation”


Evidence: (pronounced “ev-ee-dense,” cf. David Ray Griffin) facts from scientific studies or direct observation that agree with the conspiracy theorist’s pet theory.

Applies just as well to alties, creationists, HIV/AIDS “skeptics, Holocaust deniers, etc.

Evirense (n.) – Proof of a conspiracy claim that traces back to a conspiracy website that freely admits it has no editorial standards whatsoever.

Evidense (n) : 1. misinterpreted data. e.g. photos of steel beams cut during the clean-up said to be evidence of umplosions (q.v.) such as *therm*te ; 2. coinvidence(s) (q.v.), ahumption(s) (q.v.).

Evidence,”Planted” : any real, actual, physical evidence really, actually, physically located at the scene, that disproves a given conspiracy theory and cannot be explained away by holograms, CGI, starwars space beams, etc.

Check out the whole list.