It’s that day again!

Andrew reminds me that today is a very special day. Yes, indeed, it’s the day that everyone who detests fascism should celebrate:

Fuehrerstodestag! (Otherwise known as “Dead Hitler Day.”)

Yes, 62 years ago this hour, Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of the Reich, finally cornered, his nation in ruins, offed himself in his bunker in Berlin as the Red Army was relentlessly advancing on him. After over 12 years in power, he had plunged the world into the largest war ever fought, resulting in the deaths of millions upon millions of people, and his exterminationist anti-Semitism had resulted in the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

I wouldn’t necessarily celebrate in the ways that Andrew suggests, but I would suggest mocking a neo-Nazi or two, as I did the other day. Too bad I didn’t remember what today is until early this morning; otherwise I would have done a post about a particularly obnoxious Holocaust denier whose site I’ve had in my list of topics for a while.

Oh, well, I could still do it later this week, or maybe on May 8, the anniversary of the Third Reich’s capitulation. In the meantime, happy Fuehrerstodestag!