A new ScienceBlog

I’m a bit late on this, given that the blog went live yesterday, but far be it from me not to welcome denialism blog to the ScienceBlogs universe. It’s a promising new blog that in its couple of months of existence has already made an impact in the skeptical blogosphere. Also, Mark Hoofnagle, one of the bloggers responsible for it, has become a regular commenter around here.

I may not always agree with Mark and Chris about specific cases of what constitutes “denialism” (most of the time, but not always), but I do like their blog. Besides, if I ever agreed with everything a blogger wrote, I’d get bored pretty quick.

Of course, I hope Mark and Chris realize that, now that they’re part of the ScienceBlogs collective, I’m going to be relentlessly after them to host a Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle.