Generation Rescue: Punk’d!

You may remember how, almost in passing as part of a longer post, I mentioned how much cranks can’t stand critics of theirs who write under a pseudonym and try to out them at every opportunity. Indeed, one of the biggest cranks of all, J.B. Handley, the man whose mantra used to be that autism is nothing more than a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning but who is now backpedaling furiously to blame “live viruses” and “toxic loads,” tried to do just that the other day in the comments of this post (as if I’d let that happen on my own blog).

Not all outing is always bad. Kevin Leitch, in fact, has done a little outing of his own while discussing the recent makeover of the Generation Rescue website. In this case, Kev “outs” one Clarence House, and it looks as though ol’ J.B. has been royally punk’d.

I suppose I could just look at this as karmic payback for J.B.’s cybersquatting the domain. I’ll have to thank Kev–and Clarence, too.