Eugenicist quotes

Here are a few typical eugenicist quotes from early last century:

  • “It is an excellent plan to keep defective people in institutions for here they are not permitted to marry and bear children.”
  • “[Scientists who are working at the task of improving the human race] would like to increase the birth rate of families having good heredity, while those people having poor heredity should not marry at all.”
  • “At the present time there are in the United States more than a million people with serious hereditary defects, and to reduce their numbers by even a few thousand would reduce the amount of discomfort and hardship in the future. Unfortunate births are reduced by segregation also but there are not enough institutions to house nearly all the ones who have unfortunate genes. Institutional care is expensive but as compared to total government expenditure it is small.

    “Sterilization is sometimes employed with the consent of the patient for non-eugenic purposes. An example is a woman who has borne three children by Caesarean section and could not stand another birth. Persons who are on the borderline of normal mentality may be able to marry and care for themselves but would not be good parents. Their children might be normal or might be defective, and at any rate would have poor home discipline. Such persons sometimes are prevailed upon to submit to sterilization, to their own advantage.”

Oh, no! Sounds like the despicable ravings of those evil Darwinists, doesn’t it? After all, as Dr. Egnor and many antievolutionists tell us ad nauseam, Darwin’s theory was to blame for eugenics and Hitler; and eugenics is a necessary and inevitable consequence of the theory of evolution by natural selection. So the above quotes must be from die-hard Darwinists, right?

Not exactly.