This is just so wrong

As a fan of Iggy Pop, I was appalled to read this:

Former “The Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood will play Iggy Pop in The Passenger, a biopic of the legendary rocker, reports Variety. Ted Hope’s This Is That Productions and Traction Media are executive producing.

The movie, which follows Pop’s early years with his band the Stooges, will be directed by Nick Gomez (Drowning Mona) from a script by Eric Schmid.

The $6 million-$8 million “Passenger” is set to film in next six months and is scheduled for delivery by midsummer 2008.

Pop has “given his blessing” to the project but will not take part in it.

(Via D-Listed.)

Don’t get me wrong; I like Elijah Wood. I loved him as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s just wrong for the part. For one thing, he’s just too…pretty. No one ever accused the Ig of being particularly attractive, even when he was young. Also, Iggy’s early years were the height of drug-fueled decadence and debauchery, coupled with sheer rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. I just don’t see Elijah Wood being convincing in this.

Here’s the young Iggy:



Here’s Elijah Wood:

i-400e8c7edaf55e7d779de0a352fd457d-elijah wood.jpg


Yeah, I can definitely see the resemblance…

Maybe if Wood stripped and rolled around in broken glass for a while, as the Ig liked to do.