Finally, the religion for me!

I think I’ve finally found the religion for me…


(Click the picture to read about the religion! Hat tip to Robster, FCD.)

Moreover, in a direct comparison between Christianity and this new religion, Christianity doesn’t come off so good. (The sad thing is, I get each and every reference in this comic.)

Indeed, in the U.K., the sacrament of this new faith is occurring as we speak. We poor U.S. faithful have to wait a few hours to worship, though, at least long enough for the object of our devotion to show up as a Torrent file. (Worse, those who don’t know how to use BitTorrent or don’t have high speed Internet access have to wait a few months until the show either shows up on a certain cable TV channel or until the DVDs are released in the States.)

If I can download it in time, tonight I will engage in my worship…