Gasoline sticker shock in Chicago

I’m back from the ASCO Meeting in Chicago. As promised, I’ll try to post some photos tomorrow to give you a sense of just how monumentally huge this meeting is. I probably won’t have time to blog about the clinical science presented until Friday or next week, but we’ll see. In the meantime, let me share with you the serious gasoline sticker shock I suffered coming from the East Coast to the Midwest. Below is a “discount” gas station at W. North Avenue and N. Ashland:


Remember, this is a discount gas station, much like….much like Citgo:


This is nearly a dollar more expensive than in my neck of the woods.

I looked around for a gas station charging over $4 a gallon for regular, but, fortunately, I couldn’t find one.


I did see one charging $3.99 a gallon for regular, though.