Another reminder of how times have changed

I’ve seen ads like this before in issues of LIFE Magazine from the 1940s that I inherited from my uncle, but they never cease to make me cringe when I see them:


(Click for a larger image and to read the text of the ad more clearly.)

Get a load of the text:

Family physicians, surgeons, diagnosticians, nose and throat specialists, doctors in every branch of medicine … a total of 113,597 doctors … were asked: “What cigarette do you smoke?” And more of them named Camel as their smoke than any other cigarette! Three independent research groups found this to be a fact.

One thing I could never understand is how physicians could fail to realize for so long that sucking noxious gases and particulate matter into one’s lungs as often as 40-60 times a day might–just might–be bad for you. In any case, this ad is yet another reminder of just how much times have changed in 60 years.