A pareidoliec blast from the past

After attending the ASCO Meeting in Chicago over two weeks ago, I can’t believe I forgot to post about this. More than two years ago, back in my favorite city (Chicago), a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared. It appeared, oddly enough, as such visions are wont to do, in a rather mundane spot. Specifically, it appeared under a freeway overpass where W. Fullerton Avenue passes under the Kennedy Expressway.

As I was heading to the airport on my way out of the city, traffic happened to be better than I had expected, leaving me with some time. I decided, therefore, to head back to the area and see if the vision was still there. So what did I see as I drove under the overpass?

Well, it was cloudy out and I couldn’t tell if the stain still resembled the Virgin Mary driving by. However, what I did see was that, more than two years later, there was still a little makeshift shrine there, flowers and crosses placed next to where (I guessed) the stain must be. Unfortunately, I had packed my camera, and I didn’t have time to look for a place to park so that I could examine the phenomenon on foot and perhaps snap a few pictures.

Oh, well, c’est la vie.

I can, however, assure you that two years later this “vision,” or at least its after effect, still lingers under a nondescript concrete overpass in Chicago.