Tim Slagle tells little ol’ me to “shut up”

Apparently comic Tim Slagle thinks that my discussion of his comedy routine was horribly, horribly humorless and unfair to him and that I “set him up.” I just happen to be at work right now (it’s lunchtime, and I have a brief break between cases) and consequently don’t have time to address it until much later today, but I will link to Tim and let you see what you think until I get around to dealing with it. Stop by Tim’s blog and tell him hi for me. While you’re there, you might want to take a gander at this piece by him. The discussion of chemistry and thermodynamics there has to be read to be believed.

In the meantime, I will only point out that (1) I had no intention of blogging his show when I came–there was no “set up”; (2) it was Tim who approached me a “discussion” and then repeated his request the other day; and (3) Tim asked was for me to demonstrate that what Al Gore said about the 20 foot rise in sea level was “feasible” (his word), which I more than adequately did.

Oh, and I do not wear a cape and wrestling mask. Tim obviously doesn’t recognize the Doctor Doom costume, complete with mask that I wear to hide my face in shame from Dr. Egnor. Maybe I should start wearing a cape and wrestling mask, though. A nice Nacho Libre kind of get-up would work.