One to add to the blogroll…

While perusing my comments yesterday, I became aware of what looks like a promising new blog, Occam’s Trowel by Scott Prinster. Check out his self-description:

Scott Prinster is continuing his graduate studies in the History of Science department at the University of Wisconsin. His current interest is in the interaction of religion and science in the pre- and early Reformation period in Eastern Europe, especially as part of the movements known as the Radical Reformation. Scott has also been a Unitarian Universalist minister for 12 years, and has served congregations in Michigan and here in Madison. The interplay of reason and liberal religion has been an important part of his formation as a scholar and a seeker.

Although the blog is only a couple of months old, it looks worth a gander to see how it develops, particulrly since a historical perspective on the culture wars between religion and science in our society at large (and that periodically erupt even right here on ScienceBlogs with varying degrees of ferocity) would be of great interest to me.