Andrew Wakefield’s concern for autistic children

Here’s a video in which Andrew Wakefield, who, now that he’s facing charges for research improprieties and failure to disclose conflicts of interest, now claims that he’s fighting “for the children,” shows his concern for the children whose blood he drew:

Yes, while recounting how at a party he drew blood from children for £5 each, Wakefield is joking about how children fainted and threw up. Yes, the audience and Wakefield are laughing.


Hat tip: Black Triangle.

Here’s a bit more background:

LONDON — The Austin doctor behind a controversial study linking a common children’s vaccine to the developmental disorder autism on Monday went before an investigative panel looking into misconduct allegations, including whether he took blood samples from children at a birthday party.

Britain’s General Medical Council is examining claims that Dr. Andrew Wakefield failed to disclose his links to autism litigators and conducted the study without proper ethical approval. Wakefield denies any misconduct…

Wakefield stands accused of performing operations on children — including colonoscopies and lumbar punctures — that were arguably unnecessary, of coordinating his research with lawyers for autism patients and of taking blood from a group of children at his son’s birthday party, paying them 5 pounds each for their contributions and later joking about it.

Remember the above video the next time you hear Wakefield piously pontificating about how he’s “doing it for the children.”