Following the crowd one last time…

Yesterday, it was a personality quiz. Today, other ScienceBloggers have been assimilated into the LOL Cat craze. Given that I’ve had a tangential brush with the craze myself in the past when I posted a bunch of LOL Doctor Whos, and because last week was sufficiently serious, with all the posts about secondhand smoke and DCA, I figure, why not? I’ll see which LOL Cat I am too. My only resistance to assimilation is that I’m doing the test on Sunday, rather than “Caturday”:

Your Score: Serious Cat

30% Affectionate, 30% Excitable, 53% Hungry

Hungry for knowledge in any internet forum, you demand decorum. Any off-topic remarks, absurd statements, or tomfoolery on the interweb is deeply frowned upon by you. Truth has no room for drollery.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I told you all this is a serious blog, and I’ll prove it to you.

Just not this weekend.