Transition to ScienceBlogs

Zooillogix has been invited to join ScienceBlogs and we have decided to take them up on the offer. ScienceBlogs is a unique community of science related blogs that run the gamut from highly informed and technical to… errr…. us.

What this means for you the reader (e.g. the bored desk slave, bored 12 year old boy or renowned zoologist doing research on your next paper):

The Content Won’t Change: You can expect the same fascinating stories and questionable attempts at humor
Technical Difficulties: There may be a short “outage” period of a day or two, during which time you will be forced to read old Family Circus or Garfield cartoons to get your equivalent humor fix.
Time Frame: This should happen sometime over the next 1.5 weeks…
New URL: The old site should automatically redirect you to the new URL… god willing…

Thanks for bearing with us and remember, fines are doubled in construction zones.