A double dose of…


I was remiss in July. It happens that I totally forgot to post the monthly feature that has become a tradition over the last two years of blogging. Oh, I tried to make up for it by resurrecting a rather amusing EneMan article from nearly two years ago as an installment of Your Friday Dose of Woo when I didn’t have time to come up with new material.

What I can’t figure out is this: If EneMan is so busy being the industrious and hard-working student, where does he get the time to do all this extracurricular stuff?

i-6688318b8bd9722df676bf545edcd270-EneMan 200707.jpg

JULY 2007

I have to say, I’d be pretty scared if I saw a 6 foot running enema bottle running towards me.

i-cfc203881c27256ff3a53bdc93e7e38d-EneMan 200708.jpg


Once again, as always, EneMan seems to get all the chicks. I shudder to speculate on the reason why.