I may have to fire up BitTorrent for this one: Richard Dawkins vs. alternative medicine

The third season of Doctor Who is over. There’s nothing on the horizon for many months (such as the return of Doctor Who or Torchwood) that’s interesting enough to me coming out of the U.K. that I’d go to the trouble of firing up BitTorrent to check it out, rather than wait until it somehow finds its way to these shores.

Until now.

Yes, it’s Richard Dawkins’ long-promised investigation of alternative medicine and New Age practitioners, entitled The Enemies of Reason:

Prof Dawkins launches his attack in The Enemies of Reason, to be shown on Channel 4 this month. The professor, the author of many books from The Selfish Gene (1976) to the international best-seller The God Delusion (2006), holds the Charles Simonyi Chair for the public understanding of science at Oxford.

In the two-part television series he challenges practitioners. He asks an “angel therapist” how many angels he (Dawkins) has. The therapist asks him: “Have you asked any angels to come close to you?” Prof Dawkins says he hasn’t. “Well you haven’t got any then,” says the therapist.

That’s the probably the only time the “angel therapist” ever got a question like that right. In any case, I can hardly wait.