Spot the flaw in the argument in this pitch…

Somehow, I don’t know how, I managed to wind up on the mailing list of über-woomeister Dr. Joseph Mercola, who’s almost as bad as Mike Adams, only less blatantly crazy in pushing conspiracy theories.

Yesterday, I received this pitch by e-mail:

I’ve got a quick question for you:

How does your energy compare to the salmon swimming and jumping upstream for hundreds of miles?

Facing tremendous obstacles — fish ladders, rapids, predators — they swim and jump for hundreds of miles to complete their incredible journey (without eating along the way).

Could it be that their ocean diet gives them their high energy and single-mindedness of purpose?

Recently, a Canadian study showed increased energy and alertness levels for those who draw upon the same dietary standard the salmon have.

You don’t have to join a study to get the energy you always dreamed of. Just add this to your diet.

This has to be one of the sillier pitches for supplements that I’ve ever seen. How many fallacies can you spot in just these few sentences?

I supposed that, by Dr. Mercola’s reasoning, we should just eat raw unprocessed fish instead. After all, that’s what salmon eat; they don’t just eat krill, which is where Mercola’s oil comes from. Or maybe we should start extracting oxygen from the water. After all, that’s what salmon do. There is, unfortunately, that little problem of humans not having gills, though.