A friendly reminder

Don’t forget, everybody, that the 67th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle is due to land at The Bronze Blog on Thursday, August 16. Bronze Dog will host. As you may know, Bronze Dog is the creator of a great list of “doggerel” commonly used by the credulous to defend pseudoscience or the paranormal. It’s up to 117 items as of this writing and is a great resource whenever you come across…well, doggerel directed at you to attack your use of skepticism and critical thinking.

The instructions for submitting to this week’s carnival are here. If you don’t know what blog carnivals or The Skeptics’ Circle is about, here’s an introduction. If you’re a blogger with a skeptical (not a pseudoskeptical) bent, please submit some of your work and show it off to like-minded readers.

As always, I’m still looking for hosts. I’d like to fill the remaining slots in 2007 soon if I can, and you can help. If you’re an aspiring Randi or Michael Shermer (or even Richard Dawkins) and would like a chance to strut your skeptical stuff, check out the schedule to see if there’s a date you can do it and the guidelines for hosts. Then drop me a line, and, assuming you’re not a mole for Deepak Chopra or Dr. Michael Egnor, I’ll work you into the schedule.

You won’t regret it.