Now here’s a way to pick our next President!

You know, the current crop of Presidential candidates has me bored to tears. None of them inspire, and the one that comes closest to maybe inspiring is too inexperienced and definitely not ready for prime time. Couple that with the fact that the election is nearly 15 months away but the campaign has been going on since at least January, and terminal ennui sets in. I’ll probably want to shoot myself by the time Election Day 2008 rolls around.

Fortunately, I found a little tidbit that demonstrates a method of picking our next President that would at least get my interest. Hey, it can hardly be worse than the method we’re using now. I present to you: Obama Girls vs. Guliani Girls:

Yeah, scantily clad chicks doing a dance-off! Now we’re talking! (Don’t miss the Kucinich Girl.) Maybe Hillary Clinton could get some Clinton boys to go into the competition.