New York ScienceBlogger meetup

Yes, I was there on Friday and Saturday, when more than half of the present complement of ScienceBloggers (a.k.a. “SB’ers” or “Sciblings”) gathered in New York to meet, greet, and talk science, that is, between bouts of heavy drinking. (Fortunately, I was wise enough not to show up for the karaoke; if PZ’s description is any indication, I wasn’t nearly inebriated enough to enjoy it.) I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as certain others there, one of whom bought a rather snazzy camera from a store on 42nd Street (something I would have cautioned him about, had I been there before Friday), but maybe I’ll post a few after I get home from Chicago, which is where I had to go to on business the day after the SB conclave broke up. And, oh, yes, I am somewhere in that group picture that Mo posted. Somewhere.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get to talk to as many of my fellows as I would have liked, although it’s always good to meet up with my blogchild Mark, and I did finally get to meet the other Mark who writes about the same sorts of things that I do. I also met Dr. Signout, who, it just so happens, knows an academic surgeon who’s a friend of mine. Heck, I even got to meet PZ, although Mark‘s right about him striking me as rather shy in person. I got to say “hi” to everyone who showed up. At least I think I did. My wife and I also had a pleasant time hanging out at the Met with the Mungers. And then there was Mo, whom I might run into again sooner than expected when I travel to London at the end of the month.

Chicken that I am, however, I decided, however, not to sit at one of the tables being filmed talking science on Saturday. Those of us sitting at the kid’s table (the non-filmed group) had a perfectly fine, stress-free time.