Random observations from an American in London: Squirrels

Alright, after being castigated for being a stereotypical American tourist complaining about the service in restaurants in London, here’s an off-the-wall observation that my wife and I have made:

Why is it that there seem to be no squirrels in London?

We’ve been all over the city now in the last five and a half days (at least, all over central London), and we’ve been out into the western part of England to see Stonehenge and Bath. Neither my wife nor I have seen a single squirrel. We’ve seen lots and lots of pigeons. We saw lots and lots of sheep in the English countryside. We haven’t seen a single squirrel.

We started to notice this a couple of days after we were here, after which we actively kept an eye out for squirrels whenever we’ve been in parks or other places where they are found in abundance in New York, Chicago, the midwest, or most American cities that aren’t in a desert.

What’s going on here? Are there squirrels here? Or are they just more circumspect and better at hiding, so that we just haven’t seen them, even though they’re there?