Your Friday Dose of Woo…

…is still on vacation in London. It will return next week.

I will mention, however, that I managed to find time to take a stroll by the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital the other day. No, the fabric of space-time was not torn, but, sadly, I didn’t work up the gumption to enter the building because I feared pressing my luck. It’s one thing to stand outside the building and take a few pictures leaning against various signs; it’s quite another to enter the belly of the beast itself. Such a mixing of skepticism and utter woo might be enough to cause a massive reaction, like matter and anti-matter coming together. On the other hand, it occurred to me this morning: Richard Dawkins set foot in it, and both he and the building are still standing; so maybe I should have given it a go.

Lovely neighborhood. It’s a shame that such a beautiful old building is being used for woo.