Homeopathic ambulances?

While I’ve been having a little fun with homeopathy today, I thought I’d show you just one other thing about the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Directly in front of the hospital, I noticed some words on the street. After taking a closer look, I was shocked and horrified. Take a look for yourself:


If you can’t tell what all of the lettering says, it reads:


It’s an ambulance spot right in front of the Homeopathic Hospital. I really hope that these are only elective transports. I can’t imagine emergency transports to a homeopathic hospital. Well, actually, I can–unfortunately:

“It’s not working! Up the dilution and potency to 30C, STAT!”

Of course, I could interpret it in a different way, perhaps as “Ambulances ONLY keep clear”; in other words, a warning for ambulances to keep away.

Yeah, that’d make more sense.