The 69th Meeting of the Skeptics Circle is less than a week away!

Hot on the heels of the first Orac-free Skeptics’ Circle in two years, amazingly, another Skeptics’ Circle is coming around the pike far faster than I would have expected. This time around, it will be hosted by a most able blogger, Brent Rasmussen over at the very prominent skeptical blog, Unscrewing the Unscrutable. Brent’s hosted once before, but that was over two years ago. I’m glad to have him back hosting and hope that he doesn’t take such a long time before hosting yet again. In any case, Brent’s posted instructions for submitting your best skeptical blogging to his edition of the Circle. Read them, heed them, love them, and submit!

In any case, next up is Conspiracy Factory on September 27. It’s a relatively new skeptical blog started by frequent ScienceBlogs commenter Factician, having come into existence in February, and hopefully hosting the Circle will, as it did for me when my blog was young, give it a boost.

So help Factitian out and start getting your best skeptical posts ready! And, as always, if you’re interested in hosting a Circle yourself, check out the schedule and the guidelines for hosting, and then drop me a line. I’ll get you a spot on the schedule, assuming, of course, that your blog does nothing to make me suspect that you’re a secret homeopath or something like that.