A fresh Jack Chick tract!

The Secular Outpost informs me of the existence of a brand new Jack Chick tract. I don’t know if it truly is new or not, but it does have its copyright listed as 2007. This time around, Jack is explaining why the dinosaurs really died out. (Hint: It wasn’t some big nasty meteor millions of years ago.) It starts out with humans hunting a dinosaur and degenerates from there.


(Click on the picture for the full tract.)

This was so silly that at first I thought it must be a parody. But then I remembered: This is Jack Chick we’re talking about here. I will say one thing, though. The picture of the baby dinosaur hatching from its egg is cuter than almost anything I can recall ever having seen Chick draw. I’ll also give him props for coming up with what has to be the most mind-bogglingly dumb explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs that I’ve yet to see.

ADDENDUM: Going to show how out of touch with the blogosphere I’ve become because of my recent absence, it turns out that PZ sighted this nearly a week ago. Of course, I was in Toledo then in a place with minimal Internet access, but that’s no excuse, right?