Judge Hatchett educates a Hitler lover

I’m not normally a big fan of these reality TV courtroom shows, and I’ve never watched Judge Hatchett before. That being said, I was surprised how well done this segment was in which a 14-year-old who’s fascinated by Adolf Hitler (even going so far as to write “I love Hitler” in large letters on a sheet of paper) and had come to admire hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan was educated about just who and what it was that he was idolizing.

Although I’m skeptical that a single visit to the Museum of Tolerance and meeting with Elizabeth Mann, a Holocaust survivor, can turn this kid around, I’m nonetheless hopeful that it at least set him on the right path. He seemed as though he was probably just a mixed up kid who had found a way to shock his parents without realizing just how vile his new heroes were.