Glory, glory, hallelujah!

Even though I only rarely blog about politics, I’m with Ed Brayton, P. Z. Myers, and Amygdala on this one. Truly a wonderful thing has happened to the Presidential race.

Alan Keyes has entered the race for the 2008 Republican nomination for President.

No one can bring the crazy and stupid to a Presidential race the way Alan Keyes can. (My only hope for even better would be if Ted Nugent were to throw his hat into the ring.) His combination of self-righteous pandering to the religious right, nutty Libertarian views, and just plain silly statements far exceed anything any of the other candidates, Republican or Democratic, can come up with. If this race is going to be nearly two years long (having in essence begun last January) by the time November 2008 finally rolls around, to end our collective national misery, at least I can get some entertainment hearing about and reading Keyes’ cavalcade of 100% guaranteed wingnutty speeches and press releases for the few months before he’s inevitably forced to drop out of the primaries. I mean really, even when my politics were a lot more conservative than they are now, Keyes embarrassed the hell out of me.