Enamored of a long run for a short slide

In today’s earlier post, a commenter stated:

You sure do like that “long run for a short slide” phrase.

I wondered: Is that true? Do I use that phrase too much? So, like any good blogger, I did a search. And what did I find? I found that, in the entire history of this blog since it’s been on ScienceBlogs (a year and a half now), I’ve only used the phrase a grand total of two timestwo times in less than two days, which may have given the impression that I’m overly enamored of that phrase.) In the history of my old blog, there was not a single use of the phrase.

I therefore conclude that I do not, in fact, use that phrase too much.

Far be it from me, however, to claim that I don’t have a bunch of phrases that I like to use over and over again. It’s just that “long run for a short slide” isn’t one of them. In fact, at an extreme risk of serious damage to my massive ego, I’m going to give you, my readers, a chance right now to tell me what my most overused phrases are. I don’t guarantee that I’ll change my behavior, but certainly self-knowledge is the first step in improving my writing. Yes, I already know that the terms “woo” and “woo-meister” will be right up near the top. And, no, they won’t be going anywhere any time soon. But others might.

I just know I’m going to end up regretting this post, though. I must be crazy to subject myself to this…