Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia, Part II

Andrew Mathis gives his perspective.

And an excellent analysis it is, too. One brief excerpt:

…I have to wonder exactly where a man who runs a police state gets off asking a question like this. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not allow religious freedoms outside those recognized by the Qur’an. People are thrown in jail — routinely — for opposing the government. When government opponents visit the country, they are jailed. I say this without qualification: Every single country that has a law against Holocaust denial is a more free country that Iran. EVERY LAST ONE.

Now, none of us here at HC Blog believe in having laws against Holocaust denial, but one must wonder why Ahmadinejad has taken this issue up as his cause célèbre.

Indeed. As much as I hate laws outlawing Holocaust denial, it is bizarre in the extreme to see the leader of a theocratic police state chastise European nations on this issue.