PZ seems to think that the whole “LOL” thing has gone too far. He may be right. In fact, I’ve even commented on it before.

Even though I have a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around the whole “LOLCats” phenomenon and its various bizarre spinoffs, I do have to admit that I’ve found one LOL spinoff that’s pretty darned amusing.

Are you ready for LOLQuacks?

Some examples:


OK, I know the above has nothing to do with quackery, but as a fan of the Fantastic Four and a connoisseur of pareidolia, I couldn’t resist. On with a few homeopathy-related examples:


This one is amusing because I stood in the very place where the subject of this photo is standing:


Even the originator of the woo that it homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann himself, is not immune to the LOL treatment: