The approach of the Skeptics’ Circle

Don’t forget, once again the time is fast approaching.

Soon yet another installment of the Skeptics’ Circle will be upon us. In fact, it’s less than a week away and due to land at the quackometer blog on Thursday, October 25. Our host this time has achieved a fair amount of notoriety by being the victim of an attempt by the Society of Homepaths, through the use of legal threats against his ISP, to silence his criticism against it for failing to do anything to enforce its own ethical standards. Sadly, Le Canard Noir‘s ISP folded and told him to take the post down. Quite predictably, this ham-fisted attempt to silence resulted in the offending essay, The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing, to be republished on blogs far and wide.

So, help a fowl out this week and submit your best skeptical entries to Le Canard Noir, whose contact information is here. Guidelines for submission are here.

Once again, if you’re a blogger want to host an edition of the Skeptics’ Circle yourself, drop me a line. I know there are new skeptical blogs out there (I just haven’t had a chance to drop a few links yet). Hosting your own Skeptics’ Circle is a great way to gain links and visibility. And if you’re an established skeptical or scientific blogger who’s done the Circle before, wasn’t it fun? Isn’t it about high time you did it again? Check out the schedule and guidelines for hosting and drop me a line. I’ll get you on the schedule, assuming that you can survive the gauntlet of a little test designed to detect credulous thinking unsuited to the Skeptics’ Circle–a test, appropriately enough, called the quackometer.